Please contact the artist directly at 661.733.6496 for commissions, purchases and inquiries

Why choose an original instead of a print?

Primarily created for each owner, most of the paintings are commissioned by the collector of their unique vehicle. Your dream car or ride is special to you and you have spent meticulous hours to have it arrive to its desired state; whether for show or simple pleasure, your car or bike deserves special consideration. There are occasions that I will paint aside from an order, some of these become available for sale and are listed on this site.

Owning a hand-painted original artwork of your vehicle allows you to display it anywhere: home/ office /shop or business /outdoors at an exhibit or show, alongside your vehicle (steel art recommended) showroom or museum

It is always an honor to create a painting exclusively for you on canvas or steel.

Original artwork carries an energy along with hand crafted texture, color, brushstrokes and technique not found in duplications. This is the main reason that I do not issue prints. Only original one~off artwork.

Why automobile/ motorcycle art?

Automobiles are an important part of American culture and of life itself. I recall family outings which bring so many great memories, often remembered by the car we had during that time. Old photos and images of cars belonging to my father,  my brothers, close and special friends, classmates, and even my own first car are priceless remembrances. Cars mark times and decades reflecting on trends, music, history, economics and society. For me, cars reflect character with each era having its distinctive looks, colors, form and purpose. It’s also fun to reflect some of these concepts, emotions, phrases and signs of the times in the title or in a theme of a painting.

Why paint on steel or other metal?

The strong sleek and sexy subject lends itself beautifully to the luster of a steel canvas. Gallery~wrapped steel is custom fabricated. Each plate of 22 gauge, galvanized steel is selected and sheered, then formed to create a shape much like a canvas. D-ring brackets are installed which can support a picture wire if desired, or it can hang by both brackets. A typical 20x30x1.5 painting weighs approximately 6.5 pounds. Once hand painted, the completed artwork is taken to a spray booth and receives a polyurethane clear-coat for added luster and UV protection.

Why deal with the artist directly?

At times, I have had the pleasure during the  commission to be able to visit many of these vehicles. This time spent provides insight into creating a beautiful piece of art. Of course I can work from digital images without viewing your car. We will be specific in clarifying all details. Best of all, there are no agents or added contacts in dealing directly, so prices remain reasonable.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email me directly.

Thank you,

Mari Lopez 661.733.6496

All prices listed do not include shipping.


jagged    Your inquiries are especially important to me with as much specific detail that you can provide such as:

canvas, aluminum, flush steel, gallery~wrapped steel

size preference

vehicle year, make, model, color (interior and exterior)

preferred angle (front/ rearview, driver/ passenger 3/4)

background colors

themed ideas


“Put Your Pedal to the Metal”      Mari Lopez     661.733.6496

I will reply to your request as soon as possible.


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