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Distressed aluminum with a bit of a twist. Having your chosen image portrayed on these surfaces is a real eye-catcher, especially geared to grab attention and make a statement. By selecting a painting on distressed aluminum, the surface suffices as the background and lettering from the original sign is considered in the painted image. This “transparent” look gives a spin to the messages on each piece. In addition, traffic offset colors let the vibrant acrylic pop even more. Nothing timid about this choice. This effect is exclusive and distinct in comparison to steel and canvas choices. A painting chosen to be commissioned on aluminum is a flush plane and hangs by one or two brackets. Each aluminum artwork receives a polyurethane clear coat as a final finish for UV protection. This selection is extremely limited and subject to availability. Typical pricing, $600 each.

Also available are vehicle images handpainted on license plates. These smaller artworks are unique and one of a kind. Extremely limited to stock on hand $60 each.


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