gallery~wrapped steel


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29Bantm An original painting on custom fabricated steel is the ultimate genre. Having your vehicle emulated by selecting a gallery~wrapped steel canvas ensures that you are receiving the most vibrant color palette spectrums of your choice in hand painted, eco-friendly acrylic paints creating a scene or themed background, if you wish. Some of the metal is left exposed for added effect which complements the force of the image. This abstract and flowing image style is yours whether your selection is on canvas or metal. A painting chosen to be commissioned on galvanized or black steel lends itself to a radically streamed display of textures and color. Framing is left to the owner, but is not necessary. The gallery~wrapped technique, continues the image to all visible surfaces including top, bottom and sides of the steel canvas. The completed painting is shot with a  polyurethane clear coat finish, giving a sleek and racier look. These pieces can even be displayed outdoors. Typical pricing, $600-$1500 each.



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